DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Fun with politics and shopping

Was planning to go see a speach by Edwards yesterday the he was giving on campus at 11am.

I was half-expecting a call from Morna in the morning. She said she'd let me know if she felt like going too, and if i didn't hear from her to assume she had decided against it. So i wasn't suprised that the phone rang, but i was suprised when i answered it and it was Kialyn. She was interested in going too, so after waiting a while longer for Morna to call i headed over to her place to pick her up.

On the way Morna called my cell, and said that she was running a little late but she still wanted to go, so i picked up Kialyn and we headed over to Morna's place and got her, and drove back to Pomona.

When we got there there was a big line. We asked if it was the line to get in or the line to get tickets, and we were told where to go to get the tickets (which were free.) Morna and i got two tickets, but they were out of student tickets and only had community tickets left, and Kialyn wasn't willing to try to bluff her way as a non-student (the fact that she had a backpack with her probably didn't help.) They said that at 11:15 any left-over community tickets would be given to students. Kialyn told Morna and i to go find a spot in line, and when and if she got a ticket she would come join us.

Morna and i waited in line for awhile, mostly discussing politics (duh,) and how much we were interested in seeing Edwards speak. Morna had to be at work by 1:45, and we didn't want to just ditch Kialyn if she couldn't get a ticket. While making some comment about the timing, the person in front of us told us that Edwards wasn't actually going to be speaking till 11:30, and that some assembly people would be speaking first. So about 11 i checked with Kialyn while Morna saved our place, and Kialyn said that they'd run out of tickets, but if there were any empty seats left after all the ticketed people went in, they'd start admiting more.

Kialyn decided to give up on waiting in the secondary line, and told us she was going to go stake out a place in the courtyard where they had speakers set up to relay the speach.. Morna and i stood for awhile more in line, and noticed about 11:10 or so that the line was starting to inch forwards slowly. (Well, more of a move forward ten feet that wait a few minutes type thing.) Theoretically we should already have been inside listening to the assembly people, and we decided that at this rate it would be better to listen to the speach from the courtyard, so that if we had to leave in the middle to get Morna to work it wouldn't make much of a scene.

We gave our tickets to two people who happened to be talking to the people behind us in line, who hadn't gotten there in time to get their own tickets. We joined Kialyn in the courtyard, and she said she'd heard that Edwards probably wasn't going to start speaking till noon, so he could make it onto the local news. At that point we considered how long we'd have to wait, and how long the speach might take, and what time Morna had to get to work, and just decided to give up on the whole thing. Edwards would have had to say something really amazing to get my vote away from Dean (who got 11% in Idaho! _almost_ enough for delegates!) and we all figured we could just read up on him and the speach after the fact.

So we went down to the village and had lunch at Quiznos. We had some time to kill after that so we went back my apartment and watched about half of Eddie Izzard's Circle before we had to leave. Morna agreed with me that it was good, but not the best Eddie Izzard ever.

We dropped Kialyn off at school, and then Morna and i went to the mall. Morna went to work and i went questing about for the anime figures my ashke wanted me to get her.

Gamestop didn't have them, although spent some time agonizing over the possibility of buying Civ 3 again, and found that Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown came out awhile ago! Didn't buy that either, cause i'm trying to be good, but i want it :)

Went to the anime store (with the usual diversion to hot topic along the way) and they had the figures there, which was kind of depressing. I don't like buying stuff from places that sell pirated CDs, however i'm more leniant about it when it's to get something for my ashke. I got the figures she wanted, and since i was buying stuff anyways, i also got a Skuld figure and a Peorth figure for myself. Skuld cause she's cool, and Peorth cause she's cute, even though i haven't read any of the manga with her in it yet.

After that i went to Wizards of the Coast, who had a big sign up saying 5 days left. When i asked them they said they were closing up in five days, but some other stores would be open for longer. They were down to 50-60% off on most things, but they still had piles of the stuff i'm interested in. I'm not sure if i should give up and buy the stuff this weekend at the current discount, or wait to see if it gets cheaper at the Block at Orange. Of course it's a bit of work driving down that far, so i'm not sure how often i'd make it down there to check. I'm also not sure if or how much the prices will get lower. Decisions decisions.

Went home after that and spent the rest of the day looking at the net and talking to my ashke, except for a fifteen minute excursion in the drenching rain to give Kialyn a ride home after clinic or something, which i'd promised to do earlier.

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