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I was going to go to sleep, wasn't i? Fuck =P

Well, i'm up to the Diamond Age now. Nobody else has even made it to the genetic age. Heck, they still think prop planes are great =P

About the point i started creating underwater cities i ran out of city names, because i started ending up with cities like Kyoto1, Osaka1, etc. So now i'm trying to figure out alternate names for stuff. I named the big underwater city near all the resources Tokyo, even though i've already got an Edo. Maybe i should make it MegaTokyo or NeoTokyo instead? Or Tokyo3 :) (although where would Tokyo2 be then?) The one on an underwater plain with nothing nearby but some fish got named Umi. The one next to that with two underwater volcanoes in it's radius got named Hikaru. Not sure which one to name Fuu, perhaps the one up by the north pole? I think i'll rename the one next to Tokyo as Nerima. Got a few more to fix up after that, and not sure what other names to use.

Speaking of pollution, with which i am dealing quite a lot in the game, there's a wonderful new secret Pentagon report that just got leaked.

Well, it's sort of new, apparently US defense chiefs have been supressing it for the past four months till the Observer got ahold of a copy. here's the report and here's an itemized list of some of the findings. There's also a report at Yahoo as well.

Wonderful stuff, like in 2007 most of the netherlands will become uninhabitable and southern California will run out of drinking water because of violent storms. And from 2010 to 2020 England will start to resemble Siberia. Millions will supposedly die from war and famine, and people may start tossing nukes around.

All in all, the Pentagon is claiming that climate change is a more serious threat than terrorism. Wonder how the Bush administration is going to react now that this report is public. I can imagine how the democratic nominees are going to react, both to the report and the fact that the Bush administration was trying to supress it :)

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