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Wow, it got early.

Been playing CtP2 again. Finally after invading the Germans once and the Canadians twice, everything seems to be peaceful.

Be peaceful of course i mean that everyone is at war with everyone else, but no cities are trading hands and relative power levels seem to have stabilized somewhat, so that will have to do =P

Well, everyone is at war with everyone but me. Everyone wants to be my friend :) My economy takes up about 80% of the zero sum graph, and my military and technology each take up about 60%. The only reason my military is so low is cause i built enough tanks to crush everyone in the world and then had all my cities concentrate on improvements and public works.

CtP2 has an interesting feature where if you make a diplomatic offer and they refuse, you can threaten them. This is the _only_ diplomatic feature CtP2 has that is a real innovation. I'm highly annoyed that i can't use diplomacy to make the others make peace, but the threaten feature is fun, because it means i get anything i want :) "Give me that city." "No." "If you don't, i'll go to war with you." "Oh! _That_ city! Ok!" :) That works about two thirds of the time, especially if it's some dinky new city the other nation just recently snuck in on my territory.

What's either wonderfully ironic or strangely realistic is that i've often had to use that feature to make peace with a nation i've declared war on and then proceeded to kick their butt. "Now that i've captured about half your cities, why don't we sign a peace treaty?" "*indignant* Never!" "What if I give you back one of the cities I just captured? (and sold off all the improvements of)" "No way!" "Guess I'll just have to declare(?) war then." "okay, i'll sign, please don't hurt me anymore *whimpers*" :)

One time that didn't work, so i did the same thing, but threatened to destroy one of their cities instead. For some reason they were more afraid of me threatening to destroy a particular city than they were of me threatening to declare war on their whole empire. =P

Oh, and while trying to find info on how to control pollution (which seems to be out of control in CtP2, the only effective way to reduce it most of the time is to have your citizens stop producing stuff, which kinda defeats the purpose of all those production upgrades) i stumbled across the Master of Orion 3 reviews at Apolyton. Damn they're funny, i've been literally laughing out loud at several of them.

If anyone is thinking of buying MoO3, even at this late a date, don't. The only value you'll get is membership to the exclusive club of people who can laugh at descriptions of how much the game sucks, because you've experienced exactly how bad it is :)

"The biggest disappointment was combat screen. There is a fight to be initiated... Where? What? What ship I have there? A recon ship. Yeah, what weapons it has? I have no idea. Which model it is? No idea. Who is the enemy? KVRHM-567... Really? Don't say... Where are their ships? What? That tiny dot over there, which appears and dissapears all the time. That's a ship?"

So anyway, time for bed now, after just one more turn...

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