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So Dean is out and it's down to Kerry and Edwards effectively.

The news is big on how well Edwards did, and talking about a two man race. I kind of wonder if Dean had held on till the next set of primaries if he couldn't have done as well, since it apparently only takes doing well in one state to get you back in the race according to the media.

I need to read up more on Edwards now that my prefered candidate is out. One of Dean's big problems was the media assumption that Kerry had things locked up after he won the first few states. If Edward is an acceptable alternative it might be usefull to try and demonstrate that conventional wisdow to be blatantly false. It would provide a small measure of revenge against the Kerry media juggernaut, and it _might_ prevent the same assumptions from getting made next time.

However if Edwards is really as bad as i worry he might be i'll probably have to go and vote for Kerry, of course i'm not so sure about Kerry either.

Then again, if neither one of them seems that great, i could always do a write in for Dean if they allow that. Primaries are pretty much the only time you can vote your conscience without worrying about screwing things up, would be a shame to waste it.

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