DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Wow, it's a mess out there.

Went and had breakfast with Morna this morning and took her to the courthouse so she could pay off a ticket. Took her to work after that and went to look around a couple stores. My ashke wanted me to check out GameStop and see if they had any of the series 3 Yu Yu Hakusho figures. They didn't have any, so i wandered through Hot Topic and then went upstairs fo go to Wizzards of the Coast.

On the way there i passed by the anime store, so i decided to see if they had the figures there. They didn't have series 3, but they did have a series one figure of the guy she wanted. However that store sells pirated CDs, so i really didn't want to buy anything from them. I was wondering what to do when my ashke happened to call on my cell. I talked to her about it and convinced her to wait on getting it till we could look around online some more and see if we could get it elsewhere.

Went to Wizards after that. Not much had changed from last time except they were down to three and 2/3rds packages of juggling balls, so i got two more sets of those.

Headed back to my car, but when i got to the doors i saw it was raining pigs and elephants outside. I decided to go wander around for awhile more and see if the rain let up.

Went back to GameStop, and the clerks (there were three of them there for some reason) commented about the Wizards of the Coast bag, so i talked to them for about five minutes about what was going on with the store. Then a cute girl with a final fantasy jacket came in who apparently knew the clerks, so she joined in the discussion. Well, at first i thought she was just a sorta cute girl with a jeans jacket, but when she turned around it had a moogle on the back :)

After another five minutes or so i went and looked at the PC and GameCube games. Civ 3 Gold edition is $40, which includes the original game and the Play the World expansion pack, which they were selling seperatly for $15. So buying the gold edition would be like getting the original game for $25 along with Play the World. Finally decided to wait a bit. I should really go to EB and see if they've got a used copy, and I've got Call to Power 2 and pleanty of other games to tide me over :)

Went back to the exit, and it was still raining, but i said screw it and just ran to my car. Luckily the streets were only a little flooded in a few places.

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