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16 February 2004 @ 06:47 am
meep! How did it get to be 6:30 am???

Finished off the Chronicles of Amber tonight, well, last night technically, and decided to get back to Call to Power 2. That may have been a mistake.

For once in a civ-type strategy game another equal power declared war on me, and i proceded to kick their asses :) I think it was the Turks, kind of hard to check now since they've been eliminated.

I just got a decent navy (well, longships, but the important thing is that they can leave the shorelines) so now i'm exploring the previously inaccesible islands. Found some ruins on one, and when i explored it i discovered a new technology in the remains of a forgotten civilization. That technology being gunpowder. :)

This was made even more amusing/ironic by the "Feat of Wonder" window immediatly popping up and telling me that i was the first in the world to discover gunpower, so i get a bonus to attacking other civs for the next 25 turns :)

Ok, time for silly untired me to go to bed and try to get to sleep.
Current Mood: sillysilly
Current Music: the silly diurnaly adjusted birds singing outside