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Hey, Kirinn and Tiercel. I just realized that there are no liner notes or anything with the audio CDs i sent you, and you _might_ want to know what the songs are without having to go through all the mp3s first :)

Disk 1:

1. Actraiser - Lord Proteketor - djpretzel
2. Bahamut Lagoon - Dragons of Paradise - PxFury
3. Einhander - Waztelands - Jivemaster
4. Chrono Trigger & FF9 - Knights Come Marching Home - Ailsean
5. Chrono Trigger & Xenogears - Downwind - Ziwtra
6. Chrono Trigger - Crying Mountain - Saiko
7. Chrono Trigger - Island of Zeal - Mazedude
8. Chrono Trigger - Millenial Fair 2001 - Zeratul
9. Chrono Trigger - Spekkio the Brave - Spekkosaurus
10. Chrono Trigger - The Trial in Concert - Spekkosaurus
11. Chrono Trigger - The Incredible Singing Robot - Star Salzman
12. Chrono Trigger - To Far Away Times - Dj Starchild
13. Final Fantasy 1 - Hardcore - Jared Hudson
14. Final Fantasy 1 - Crystal Rave - Nines
15. Final Fantasy 1 - Stronghold of Chaos - DarkCecil13
16. Final Fantasy 4 - Echoes at a Distance - lasombra
17. Final Fantasy 4 - Leap Into Darkness - DarkCecil13
18. Final Fantasy 4 - Tale in Piano - kLuTz

Disk 2:

I'm not sure where Arab Painting show's up in the CD. I had it in a different place than I'd originaly intended for the first burn, and i switched the order in the Nero file so I'm not quite sure where it originally ended up. I think it's track 3 or 4, after Deserted Industry or Rachel's Gift. I'm sure you can figure it out. I'm certain Kirinn can recognize Relm's theme :) You've played FF6, right Tiercel?

1. Final Fantasy 5 - Cursed Pirates of the Sea - Protricity
2. Final Fantasy 6 - Arab Painting - The Pancake Chef
3. Final Fantasy 6 - Deserted Industry - Beatdrop
4. Final Fantasy 6 - Rachel's Gift - Maestrodeclure
5. Final Fantasy 6 - Terra in Black - Ailsean
6. Final Fantasy 6 - Terra Black Crystal - Kaijin
7. Final Fantasy 9 - Black Magic Synthesis - SysteManiac
8. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - MysticMountain(2LATEMix) - Beatdrop & mp
9. Final Fantasy Tactics - Teach Me How To Rave - Ghetto Lee Lewis
10. F-Zero - Mute Radiology - djpretzel
11. Secret of Mana - Cry From the Forrest - Mustin & Kassie!
12. Secret of Mana - Fear of Heaven - Ben Lewis
13. Secret of Mana - Stomp the Summer Sky - Ziwtra
14. Secret of Mana - Time in the CloudsDX - Kailem
15. Seiken Densetsu 3 - Angels on the Shore - Ailsean
16. Seiken Densetsu 3 - Electric Fields - Khalal & Nintendo Guru
17. Seiken Densetsu 3 - Hostile But Cuddly - Cloud
18. Wild Arms - Not Alone in the World - Dale North & JAXX

Made a new Disk 2 for myself yesterday. I noticed that the extra five minutes was only if i limited myself to the yellow warning bar in Nero, the 74 minute mark. Since i'm using 80 minute CDs i actually had an extra ten minutes if i went out to the red bar.

I decided to try it out and see how it worked, and added both Kefka Goes West and Hyperspace Electro Blast. Unfortunatly when i tried it out on my stero and got some skipping problems around track 18 or 19.

I took that CD and the Metropolis sampler along with me on the trip to Dungeon last night. Listened to Metropolis on the way there to get in the mood, and the VG Remix CD on the way back. Unfortunatly i got home before the CD finished, but i skipped ahead a bit, and i didn't see any obvious problems wit the last few tracks. I'll have to try listening to them all at once and see if anything pops up.

I'm not sure if there's something wrong with the disk, something wrong with the burn, or if my stereo system is just being fickle. I may try burning a second copy to see if it does any better. I wouldn't mind having one copy for in the car and one for at home.

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