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I actually used the oven _twice_ today! :)

Decided to make steak and french fries for breakfast/lunch/dinner tonight.

I decided to be brave and actually try baking the fries in the oven. Started cooking the steak first and then put the fries in.

Somehow i manged to set off the smoke alarm about halfway through, despite the fact i couldn't smell or see any smoke =P

By the time the steak was done cooking the fries were almost done, so i put the steak on low heat for a few minutes till i could take the fries out and use the broiler to melt the blue cheese on the steak. That only kind of worked, the cheese got soft and droopy, but didn't really melt or run. Still, better than the way it was before.

Probably took a little over a half hour to cook, and far less than that to eat =P I'd forgotten that i'm out of stuff to drink, so i had to settle for slightly icky tap water to go with the food.

Had a yogurt and a rice pudding afterwards, and i'm still hungry =P

Oh, i weighed myself after getting back from the club last night, and i'm down to 190 pounds again! *bounce* Of course it's probably mostly due to water loss =P

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