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Yay! Finally made it out to dungeon!

However, i don't care if you're on the 101 in the middle of downtown LA. There shouldn't be any friggin traffic jams between 11pm and midnight!

Left here about 10:45. Made the first 20 or 25 miles in 15 minutes. That's when the traffic started. Made the next 20 or 25 miles in a half hour. Spent the next half hour traversing the ten or twenty blocks of Hollywood blvd between the offramp and the club.

So got there about midnight, not quite as much time as i wanted, but not too bad.

They were playing good music in the first room when i went in. I quickly wandered through the back room, which wasn't doing anything particularly interesting, and went back to the front room and danced to four or five songs. Was getting kind of sweaty and tired at that point, so went to the bar and got a Red Bull. Either they were having technical difficulties tonight or they don't have it on tap anymore, because she pulled out a can. Wait a second, now that i'm thinking about it, i think that can was larger than normal. And it might have been black. Ok, did they find some industrial sized Red Bull cans, or did they switch to Monseter and i didn't notice?

Anyways, finished that off and went back to the dance floor for another four or five songs and then decided to get some water. Wandered around for a bit while slowly drinking the water and chewing on the ice. They didn't have any really interesting stage shows, at least that i thought, although i tend not to be too into those. Finished off the water and spent more of the rest of the night on the front room dance floor. I did manage to wander back to the back room right as they were starting a sequence of three or four good songs.

Stayed until they turned the lights on and kicked everyone out. Pulled out of the parking lot about 2:15, and got home about 2:55. Much better time than on the way out.

There didn't seem to be anything particularly valentinesey or anti-valentinesey that i could tell, which was good i guess. Might have been a few more couples than normal, but it's really hard to say.

I wish i knew how to dance better. I'd like to be able to do the gracefull stuff, but that's pretty much out of my range, so i go for the controlled flailing. I'm not very good at getting my top half and my bottom half doing things at the same time, either i tend to kind of forget about one or the other, or the two are lockstepped in rythem. It would be nice to be able to alternate them or make them disjoint like the better dancers.

But anyways, it was nice to get out of the apartment and do something fun and get some exercise :)

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