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Valentine's day and stuff

Thank you to whoever sent me that valentine! I'm not in a position to do anything about it, even if i knew who you were, but i appreciate the sentiment :) *blush*

I think that's the first anonymous valentine i've ever gotten. In fact, i think that's the first valentines i've ever gotten period that wasn't from a current lover or my parents. (Not counting the stupid grade-school type stuff where everyone gives everyone else a valentines.)

Speaking of valentines and my parents, they sent me a package a couple days ago. It contained a valentines day card, and a cute picture of my ashke and i curled up together opening each other's christmas presents, from when we were staying at their place.

The package was supposed to arrive at my ashke's this friday. It got to her state alright, but then it was mysteriously "rescheduled" according to the UPS website. I went in to the UPS store today to complain about it having failed to get delivered for valentine's day. Actually, i was more pissed about it not being there for her when she finished the GREs so she'd have something nice to de-stress with, but valentine's day is easier to explain to the clerk. Then again i didn't actually specify why i was upset, because the clerk acted entirely reasonably about it as soon as i told him it was late and asked how to get a refund.

My ashke told me they would try to use valentine's day as an excuse, but i told her that according to the terms of service form on their website, their terms for redress (or rather, not redressing me) are rather limited. The clerk just said he needed to check that the package wasn't late because of the weather. He checked the website, and then had to call some central office or something cause he didn't know what "rescheduled" meant, other than the obvious, he said he'd never seen it before. The person at the _central office_ told him that he's never seen that term used for a package before either, but that there had been no weather delays in that area and if there had been it would have said so on the site. The only catch is i have to wait until the package is delivered before they'll give me a refund. (In case on monday they suddenly send the package back in time to be delievered on friday??) So the clerk said he'll be in on monday, and will call me when the package has been delivered and let me know that they're starting the refund process.

After dealing with that i went to the indian place and hand some lunch/dinner(breakfast). Tried the vegetable koorma(sp) this time which turned out to be really good. Will have to alternate between that and the, er, um, the spinach and cheese stuff. The meal cost about half of what i should theoretically get back from UPS for having made that trek into the village, but the point wasn't really the money, the point was punishing UPS.

This actually isn't the first time UPS has delivered a package late, but this is the first time i've been pissed off enough to complain about it.

I'm thinking of going to Dungeon tonight after my ashke goes to bed. (Pretty much the _only_ advantage of the time diferential) I need to psyche myself up to getting out of the apartment and driving the 45 miles into LA, but getting out of the apartment to go to the village has made me feel a bit more active. I like the idea of going to a goth club for valentine's day. I'm not sure if it's ironic or not, although if lots of single people end up hanging out at a dark and gloomy place because they're feeling lonely and bitter it will still be ironic for me since i'm not single and bitter :)

In the mean time since i'm feeling kind of energetic, i think i'll go back and try to respond to old LJ comments that i've been meaning to reply to :)

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