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Sign #367 that you've been reading too much Zelazny: You start wonder what effect the Logrus would have on random objects.

I've been wondering what would happen to my bracelet if i traversed the Logrus. I suppose the stereotypical answer would be that it would become some kind of armor. Of course it might also learn how to detach itself like Frakir, which would allow for other possibilities. Can't imagine that it would make a very good strangling cord though.

*blinks* wonder what would happen to my glasses?

Don't know what happens if you go through with more than one item. Obviously if they're very similar items, like metal spheres, it's okay. If not though, does the Logrus just pick one? If you don't carry anything through do you end up with magical clothes? Or do people usually go through it naked so as not to confuse it? "I'm sorry, i know that you wanted your sword to be enchanted, but the Logrus decided to enhance your pants instead." :)

Got up really early this morning (bout 6ish) cause Kialyn needed a ride to the airport. Had a quick breakfast with Morna and Kialyn first, and then dropped Kialyn off to the airport and drove Morna to work.

I should really feel like more sleep now, but i feel too awake for that. Should do something productive. Should send out emails. Should burn some CDs. Should do laundry =P

I'm all ready to burn the next version of the video game music CDs that i just sent the first version of off to Kirinn. Unfortunatly i'm really annoyed to find that the text file i made rating all the songs i was considering hs gone missing. Tried doing some searches for it, but it isn't showing up anywhere on either hard drive. Either i've forgotten all the possible appropriate keywords (and i'm pretty sure i would have used the full names of at least one of the songs in it) or i forgot to save it (or had the computer crash before saving it.) If it's the later, i'm going to be really pissed. I probably spent almost an hour making that list.

Well, there are a few songs i remember that i thought about including but didn't. I'm considering Kefka Goes West and Wild Wild West from FF6. I think i like
Kefka Goes West a bit better, but it's a _lot_ longer. (5:28 vs. 1:45) and i'm thinking i'd _also_ like to include Hyperspace Electro Blast from Star Control 2.

Hmmm, i might not have enough room on CD 2 to fit all of Kefka Goes West, which would make that decision a lot easier. Still, i wish i could find that ratings file.

And in a final note, it's friday the 13th!!!!! *bouncebouncebounce!* Yay! Love friday the 13th! :)

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