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Random annoyances

Trying to get back into FFTA again. Was stuck for awhile trying to get the secret character for the Missing Professor mission. Had to go through it at least five or six times before he showed up.

There's definitely something wrong with my GBA SP. If i bumb the bottom right corner against anything hard it seems to have about a 10% chance of reseing the system. I managed to kill it twice yesterday, luckily both times after i'd just saved recently. I'm also a bit suprised to find that i've been playing it for 80 hours *boggle*

Got some pretty stompy people in my party. Except for the Banga, can't quite figure out what to do with them. They do okay damage but they don't have any really cool classes/skills.

Still pissed about the webcam thing. Tried to download Logitechs IM Video Companion. After spending ten minutes downloading it and installing it, i tried running it and it said i needed to download a new update, and sent me to a webpage saying that Logitech had discontinued development because all the IM programs now had webcam support. Fuckers.

Let's compare the AIM webcam "support" to the Yahoo messenger webcam support. In Yahoo you have an option in the menu to start your webcam which starts the webcam and pops up a little window that shows you what the webcam is showing. It has options you can use to set the size and framerate, and you can open a settings window that lets you play with the colors and lighting and even has an low light feature button which automatically adjusts the camera to the light level.

AOL on the other hand... AIM has a greyed out button with i picture of a camera that is supposed to start your webcam, and it does nothing. And it doesn't even show up until you start a conversation with someone.

Not only can't i get the webcam working, i can't even figure out why it isn't working. It may be because the other people haven't downloaded the extra plugin needed to make webcams work (not needed for Yahoo) which the AIM homepage says they "may" need to do. "May" need to do? Is that supposed to be a technical term? It's also possible that the default firewall is interfering with the process (not a problem for Yahoo.) It may just be really fucked up. (Yahoo's version worked great the first time i tried it out over a year ago.)

Stupid AOL

And for some reason my neck has been hurting all day and i don't know why =P

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