DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Shipping stuff

Ashke, you should get your package on wednesday. Kirinn, the other package should be showing up at your place on thursday (i caught Akiko online and she was kind enough to give me the address :) In it should be both the audio CDs, and a data CD with about half of the OC Remix mp3s i have. Tiercel is supposed to end up with copies of those CDs, i'll let you two figure out how to arrange that. If either of you want the other half of the mp3s i've got on CD somewhere, you'll have to figure out some way to bribe me, or download them yourself :) What's missing is mostly FF7,8, and 9 and Xenogears and some other random stuff. The site has FF10 songs, but i haven't d/led any of that since i haven't even started that one yet

The Dark City DVD is for you unless Tiercel wants to fight you for it :)

After shipping off the packages i went to lunch at the bagel place in the village. Unfortunatly they only had pepsi there, since they said it would take about five minutes for them to get the food ready i went down to the Somecrust bakery and got a diet coke there. They apparently didn't hear me when i asked for no ice, but i'll forgive them cause it was a pretty darn big drink (equivalent to the del taco "macho" size i think) for just a dollar.

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