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minor cooking disaster

Tried to cook some french fries for breakfast/lunch. The bag said that if you're frying them in a fry pan, you should add 1/4 cup of oil, put a single layer of fries in, and cook them at 400 degrees.

I didn't measure out the oil exactly, i just poured oil in until it coated the bottom of the pan. My range doesn't have temperature measurements, just 1-7. I looked at the oven, and it goes up to about 550, so i figured that 400 must be as hot as the range gets, since i'd imagine it doesn't get as hot as the oven, so i put it on hi.

After a few minutes the fries started smoking and about a third of them ended up black on that side. Either i wasn't flipping them over often enough, i hadn't added enough oil, or i had the temp too high. So i lowered the temp, added more oil, and flipped them over more often. Half the fries were browny colored, the other half were slightly... cajun :)

Oh, and other food news, they just finished some nutritional study about sodium and water and stuff like that. I think it was an older report, or an extension of an older report, because i'd heard the primary bit before, that the drinking 8 cups of water a day advice is a crock. They figured out a certain amount of water you should have each day, but the form in which you take it doesn't matter, as water, some other drink, or as part of the food you eat. The interesting bit is they said anything with water in it or any kind of drink was okay, IT DIDN'T MATTER IF IT WAS A CAFFEINATED DRINK! Or an alcoholic drink too apparently, but i don't care about that aspect.

So ha!!!! *sticks toungue out at his ashke* :)

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