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I'm really annoyed

I can't figure out webcams on AIM. I installed 5.5. I installed the additional update they said it needed. When i IMed Rahvina though i couldn't figure out how to start the webcam. I opened up an IM window with myself, and it had a greyed out camera at the bottom which i couldn't click. I can't figure out why it didn't have the camera for Rahvina, or why i can't open it in my own IM window. Maybe it's just being obstinante since it's not actually another person, but it doesn't mind me sending messages to myself, so...

Damn it, it works fine in Yahoo Messenger. You just start up the webcam, and say who you want to view it. Why can't AIM do it that simply?

In other annoying news, the Ok Cupid match list makes no sense. Azurelunatic is right, people without pics don't show up, but even after that it's still random. There were some people who were at the top of the list, but when i logged in again just recently they had all disapeared. I checked those of them whose nicks i could remember, and they still had high scores. Then i went back to the world match list, and a _different_ set of people had disapeared. Some of the people who had disapeared before were back, but not all. Every few minutes who shows up in the list changes. I have no idea what the hell it's doing.

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