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Who is shadowsilence or silenceshadow on yahoo?

I figured since i'd dug my digital camera out to take pictures of myself i might as well see if i could get it working as a webcam again. The only good way i ever knew to use it was on yahoo messenger, so i opened the program, and it automatically tried to log on as whoever that is. I canceled out of that, and logged on as myself (after it made me download the latest update) and webcam is working on there fine.

Theoretically if i install the latest version of AIM it has webcam support to. However you have to also download a windows XP update and then some kind of extra AIM plugin. Wow, AIM sucks =P But they've got that monopoly type power thing going for them. Wonder if i should look into one of those third party IM clients that will let you access your AIM nick. Anyone got any suggestions for a good one?

Downloading the newest AIM now, we'll see how it goes...

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