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I'm very ammused that currently one of the people tied for my #1 world match on Ok Cupid is someone who i believe has been in my apartment before, but whom i've never met :)

I was curious why she showed up on my match list but none of the other people i know have, and she had a brilliant suggestion. She has a pic for her account, and by default the match list doesn't seem to show anyone without a pic. I should try to figure out where that setting is.

I've got pictures of an amazing number of people on this computer, or at least a lot more than i had expected, but i don't have any pictures of myself. Taking pictures of yourself is hard =P Well actually it's rather easy, the hard part is getting a picture that has all the qualities at once of: good lighting, decent expresion, not blurry, and framed well (not chopping anything off and not at a weird angle.)

I took about 80 pictures of myself while shifting the camera around. Hopefully one of them will be lucky :)

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