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More shopping

Left to go shopping about 1 or 1:30. I'd commented to my ashke something about her getting a very geeky valentines day gift (the anime figures.) She responded that it would be geekier if i got her anime as well, so i took her up on the challenge :) So i went by Best Buy first. They had Angelic Layer up through episode 4, so i got her 2-4 (she already has 1.) Then i submited to temptation and got Last Exile 2, Final Fantasy Unlimited 2, and Eddie Izzard's Circle. This means that i'm not allowed to buy Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or Metroid Zero Mission for the next few weeks. Probably just as well since i still have other games to catch up on.

Went to Costco after that, and had a chicken back and a drink for lunch, just to be different. Went inside and bought some airheads, some more seven-grain bread, some tilamook sharp chedder cheese, and some extra sharp white chedder as an experiment, another box of yogurt, and another box of rice pudding. I need to go to the store now and buy some more ICBINB (costco only hadCountry Crock, which i don't know if it has trans fats or not) and milk (can't drink all of the milk in the costco double containers before it goes bad.)

I thought about getting some frozen pizzas as well, but they only had two kinds, one was all peperoni, the other was boxes of mini-pizzas, half of them cheese and half peperoni =P Stupid peperoni people =P

Came home and put the spoilable stuff in the fridge, and split up the airheads so i could include half in the package to my ashke. (She likes the weird scooby doo mystery flavors that they're including at the moment, strange girl =) Then went off to the village, bought a little more candy at the ice cream place, and mailed off the package.

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