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Went to sleep really early last night, about tenish, because i'd gotten three or four hours of sleep the night before and wanted to get up and watch cartoons. Amazingly i did succeed in getting up at 7 instead of hitting snooze for an hour or two as usual =P

Watched cartoons and played random games and talked to people on IM and IRC till about noon, when i was supposed to pick up Morna so we could hang out for awhile before she had to go to work.We had lunch at del taco and hung out for a bit at my apartment afterwards. Spent most of the time discussing copyright law and how her life has been going lately (my life being all boring and static) and playing with cassie.

After i dropped Morna off at the mall i went to the video game store. (GameStop i think? I can never keep track of that one's name.) Found out when FFCC and Metroid Zero Mission and the GameCube Metal Gear games were coming out. Asked if they knew about how the Civ3 expansions worked in terms of needing disks, but they didn't know. They didn't have any used PC games, and Civ3 by itself was at least $20, so i decided to wait on that. I've got one more idea of where to look, and then i guess i'll give up. May try Electronics Boutique to see if they've got a used copy though.

While i was there i saw that they had some really cheap ($10) figures for Yu Yu Hakusho(sp), which my ashke likes. I wanted to get some for her as a suprise, but i didn't know which characters she likes, so i had to call her up and ask, so now they're a "suprise" :) I also got a FF10-2 Paine figure for $14, and a copy of Spawn for the PS2, since they were down to $20 and work laid me off before they passed out copies =P

Every store i went in at the mall had at least one cute girl working there. The girl at Wizards of the Coast (which is up to 40-50% off now) recognized me from when Morna and i were there buying dice a few weekends ago, and she asked me if Morna was my sister =P Since the last time i'd been there they'd restocked, and had tons of Settlers of Catan (which was annoying) and tons of Risk 2010(?) but no new copies of Munchkins =P I decided to wait on the Risk, but saw that they were down to about six sets of juggling balls. I decided to get one set at 40% off, and then wait for the price to get lower before buying some more. Which is kind of a strange decision since they're $3.99 before the rebate, but oh well :) The girl mentioned that someone else had been in earlier and bought about six sets earlier in the day, so i wouldn't be too suprised if they're all gone next time i go back.

Back at home now, should go look for the Civ3 CD, but i'm being lazy and don't want to go digging through piles of boxes in the closet right now.

Oh, and it is way too hot outside given that it's the begining of February.

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