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Cheese sandwiches are good. Cheese sandwiches with medium sharp tilamook chedder are good. Having to bite through seven or eight milimeter thick slices of cheese isn't so good. However i've figured out a trick :)

Grate a big pile of the cheese. Put some butter or ICBINB on the two slices of bread. Spread a big pile of the shreded cheese on the bread and make a sandwich. It's a lot softer than the sliced cheese kind. Yummy :) Depending on your personal values for big(1) and big(2) you may be able to make two sandwiches with the cheese you grated if you want. If your values allow for less than one sandwich, you fucked up somewhere along the line :)

I keep forgeting to mention this, but was reminded of it while listening to the radio while in the car yesterday. Once again, for the second year in a row, upon returning from the holidays i have found that my favorite radio station has become non-existant. That's what i get for not listening to Clear Channel i guess =P No more techno music for me :(

And also speaking of the holidays, i sprayed that non-toxic mint oil ant spray around the apartment right before christmas. Took me a couple rounds because i didn't want to spray any ants directly, but i finally manged to hit everywhere i knew of that they were getting in. For a few days the apartment reeked of mint. When i got back after christmas you could smell mint when first walking into the apartment, but didn't really notice it while you were inside. A month and a half later (ie now) you don't even notice it coming into the apartment, and in the entire time i haven't seen a single ant in the apartment. I don't know if this is entirely due to the mint oil, or partly that and partly the season. (Are ants more or less likely to swarm in the "winter"?)

Oh, and having the cat play with your hand and scratch one of your fingers right at the top of the fingernail produces an effect that seems to be exactly the same as getting a hangnail in the same area. (At least i call them hangnails, even though they're not technically part of your nail. Is there a better word for those small cuts/flaps of skin at the top of the nail that get all inflamed and hurt a lot?)

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