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I'm going to try and make sure i get to sleep by 6ish am so i can get up in time for the superbowl. I think it starts at 3, unless that's the pre-game thingy. I guess the important question is, how much does commercial time cost during the pre-game? :)

I know close to zip about football and couldn't care less. I know you get seven points if you go over the line and three points if you kick it through the thingy, I know you get in trouble if you "interfere" with the other people at certain points, which seems like a stupid rule since most of the game seems to be focused on interfering with the other team as much as possible. Oh yeah, and you have some number of tries to go ten yards or you have to give up.

But anyways, the important part as everyone knows is the commercials, which makes me wonder. Most of the time i just ignore commercials unless they're so annoying they make me change the channel. However i'm going to turn on the tv for a few hours tomorrow so i can ignore the theoretical program and watch the commercials, and i'm not the only one. I've heard of people taping it and fastforwarding through the game to get to the commercials.

All because the advertisers are paying almost 100,000 a second for the air time. Except for the advertisers that CBS is unfairly censoring. (Wish i got CNN so i could participate in the 1 minute boycott)

So that started me wondering. If the ad agencies just got together and voluntarily paid a few million for ad slots on a certain day at a certain time and everyone knew it, what kind of viewership would they get? What if they just declared they were going to have a commercial face off, and run their best commercials against the best the competition had to offer? Would people watch it if it was just a solid half hour of commercials? Or would they prefer it if it was mixed in with an hour or so of some kind of content? If so, what content? Besides the superbowl of course :)

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