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I realized today that i probably haven't spent more than an hour at a time reading for at least the past week. Something needed to be done. For some reason i hadn't really gotten into the two previous books i'd read. Megan Lindholm/Robin Hobb's "Wizard of the Pigeons" and Vernor Vinge's "The Witling." Both were earlier novels from the people, so perhaps not as gripping as their later works. They were both also really short, less than 200 pages each i think, so they were both a little simple. Furthermore Wizard of the Pigeons had a similar theme to the second novel in Robin Hobb's Assassin series, in that it was like watching a car wreck in slow motion. I always have difficulty with books where i feel like i need to clue-hammer the protragonists.

So anyways, i was looking for a new book to read, and decided that rather than risk not getting into a new book, i'd read something i knew i'd like, so i started in on the Chonicles of Amber again. Insert giant sucking noise here :) Sure, each book is only about 120 pages in this oversized omnibus format, but there are ten of them :)

I played some GalCiv today.

Trying out a medium Galaxy while getting used to the game again. Theoretically i have the 1.13 patch installed, but some of the features listed don't seem to be working. I thought the doc said that they put a rule in that you couldnt build a new starbase within three spots of another starbase, but i haven't had any problems doing so.

I had everybody on bright, except for the Arcaens, the neutral race, which i put a step up. As might be expected the Arcaens kicked ass in the begining, The evil guys (Drengian and Zor) didn't do too well. The Drengin's got wiped off the map early on, and the Yor allied with the Arcaens and were stuck in a corner. The good guys (Altarians and Torians) teamed up, with the Torians doing well, and the Altarians stuck in the middle of galaxy and constantly at war with the Yor and occasionly the Arcaens.

After the Drengin died off, the Arcaens decided to go to war with me. I was able to hold them off, but it was kind of a close thing. I was depending way too much on them moving their ships into my home sector so i could get the military advantage of my starbases. The interdictors saved my life because the Arcaen Death Knights could only get one attack in each turn.

After a few dozen turns of this i knew i was going to be in trouble if it kept up. I only had five good systems and was constantly building warships to keep the Arcaens off. Eventually either the Arcaens would get a tech advantage and wipe me out with the next generation of warships, or someone else would gain power while the Arcaens and i were busy. Then i noticed that the Torians, the second most powerful race in the galaxy after the Arcaens, liked me. It probably started out since i'd been shifting my alignment to good, and we'd been trading tech back and forth since then. The Arcaen military strength had flat-lined because of the drain of the war with me, and the Arcaens military strength had caught up. So i asked the Torians for an alliance, and they said yes. A turn or two later the Torians came into the war on my side.

Huge Torian fleet rushes into Arcaen space, and meets huge Arcaen fleet. Boom. Both races military rating plumets. Meanwhile, i got into fun diplomatic games with the Yor. They get dragged into the war with me because of the Arcaens. They see my military, and wisely stay at home in their corner of the galaxy. A few turns later i offer them a peace treaty in exchange for tribute, and they happily agree. A few turns later the Arcaens drag them back into the war. Wash, rince, repeat.

Afinally sent a fleet down to the Yor and started capturing their planets. After the frrst two fell the Yor did something i'd never seen before. They surrendered to me! Usually in that situation the AI surrenders to an ally of theirs or whoever is strongest. However in this case they just decided to submit to the inevitable i guess. Meanwhile the Torians kicked Arcaen ass in the center of the galaxy, i think they had a tech advantage since they'd spent less time at war. I finally took pity on the Arcaens when they had about three planets left and negotiated a peace between them and the Torians. It worked out pretty well, because the Arcaens became friendly with me, and when the Torians eventually declared war again the Arcaens decided the war was hopeless and surrended themselves to _me_ :)

After that it was just grow and develop. The Altrians, the Torians and i are all friendly together. The Torians and i are in kind of a weird tie for first place. They've got more population, more tech, and more military. I've got more planets, a bigger economy, and a brain :) I was working on catching up to them when a random event happened and the Altarians suddenly turned from good to evil =P I decided to take a break from the game at that point.

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