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Went to bed about 9am, got woken up about 2pm by someone calling for a phone survey. I like surveys. I like screwing up their results with my freakiness :) I also like to find out what they're trying to find out.

Credit card companies are obviously trying to figure out how to get people to sign up or switch to their credit card. Given that i've stayed with my one and only credit card for the past ten years, i'm not sure i was of any use to them :) Along with all the normal rewards and perks and stuff, they're considering (if they haven't started already) issuing credit cards with a small "companion card" that fits on your keychain (like some of the gorcery stores do with their card.) Thay're also considering having ATM like security codes for use on the internet.

Now that i've had a decent nap i should try to stay awake and get something usefull done.

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