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Stayed up way too late playing GalCiv last night =P

Got to sleep about 6:30, and Morna called a little after 8:30 cause her ride to work flaked out on her. We stopped at Del Taco for breakfast, well, she had breakfast, i didn't get anything cause i was planning on going back to sleep when i got home. I did steal a few tator tots from her, although some of the tator tots were well disguised as fries :)

When i got home i didn't really feel like sleeping anymore, so i started playing GalCiv again. Played it on and off today, and got back into FFTA as well :)

I've been having fun stripping people naked, especially now that Marche has the ability to rip thoughts out of people's heads :)

I wasn't quite prepared for the fight with Llednar in the Present Day mission. I expected to have the chance to change Marche's abilities between the first half and the second half, so he went up with against Llednar without any healing abilities.

Luckily i had an angel ring equiped. Even more luckily, i didn't need it. Llednar's first attack missed, and then i stole his sword :) The rest of his attacks kind of sucked after that, so i proceded to finish stripping him naked and then put him to sleep with a lucky Bad Breath and just sat there making fun of him until Cid showed up to end the fight :)

I'm also very amused that breaking people out of prision doesn't seem to be against the rules. If you get caught the guards will try to stop you, and a Judge will show up to make sure you don't break the rules while fighting the guards, but the Judge doesn't care that you're trying to break out the people the Judge presumably put in there in the first place :)

So i stripped all the guards naked, knocked them all out, and waltzed out with the prisoner under the Judge's eyes.

Okay, so i got up at about 8:30 am after two hours of sleep, it's 11:30 pm now, and i'm not tired. WTF?

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