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Last night i told myself i shouldn't let myself get addicted to Civ3 again. (I need to finish up FFTA and FF9 so i'll be ready for FF: Crystal Chronicles in about two weeks :)

However as soon as i said that i thought, "hmmm, i don't really know where my Civ3 CD is." So submiting to the challenge against my better judgement, i went looking for the Civ3 CD, and couldn't find it! :( Not sure where most of my game CDs are at this point actually, all i found was Alpha Centauri and the Corporate Machine. Then i started checking the boxes of stuff i broguth back from work and found Master of Orion 3 (ick!) but nothing else. I wonder if i somehow lost a box of stuff between work and home? (Or perhaps it's hiding in a corner of the apartment?)

I can't imagine where Civ3 got off to. I really out to finish cleaning out the corners of the apartment =P

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