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Doing dinner

Morna came over today to return a few books and hang out for awhile.

She made fun of my eating habits, and threatened to tell Akiko and Ashke about some of the things i've had for lunch/dinner so that they would harass me :)

So going by her advice i decided to make some nachos for breakfast/lunch, I was just going to have chips and salsa, but she wanted me to eat some protein. After failing to convince her that salsa has protein in it (damn nutrional labels!) we contemplated chips and salsa and peanut butter briefly, and finally ended up at nachos.

So i decided to be creative, well, relatively speaking, for dinner. Thawed out one of the mini-steaks and decided to make some mashed potatoes. I'm pretty sure i figured out how to make mashed potatoes over thanksgiving while visiting the San Diego people. The only thing that concerns me is that i remember there being salt involved at some point, and i don't know if that was for flavor or cooking purposes, but i don't have any salt, so...

I could have sworn i had a peeler around somewhere, but i couldn't find it when making the potatoes, so i used a small backwards curved knife that seemed to have been made for that purpose or something similar. Only managed to cut myself once, and it didn't bleed, so that's pretty good, right? :)

Started mashing the potatoes about the time i started cooking the steak. Mashed potatoes came out slighlty mushy, i might have added a little too much milk and ICBinB, but they tasted okay, so no problem. A little bland actually, so maybe next time i should add some more ICBinB, or try the salt thing. I also ended up with a bit more than i really wanted. Used three medium-small potatoes and had to cut out a fair number of spots, and since i was using a knife i wasn't doing a very good job of removing just the skin, so i expected to end up with less than i did.

I tried adding some blue cheese on top of the steak after i fliped it the last time, but it didn't melt very well. Maybe i should have taken it out of the fridge earlier.

Overall it came out pretty good. Had some iced tea i made earlier with it, Not sure how healthy buttery mashed potatoes and steak with blue cheese is, but it's probably healthier than the dinner that shall not be named that Morna was poking at me about :)

Oh, and kallah, that dinner took over an hour of wandering back and forth to the kitchen to make. Yes, i suck, but i still say making your own dinner takes too long :)

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