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Morna and Bricriu came over to watch some B5 last night, and i decided to do something really crazy. I actually cooked some of the cookie dough i got at costco! Amazed, aren't you? :)

Unfortunatly if i stricly follow the directions i can only fit about six cookies on the baking sheet i have. There was still some space between them when they were done cooking, so i could probably squeeze them a little tighter and get at least 8 in, but they might start merging together. (And they were pretty mutant cookies to begin with anyways)

I also played a little FFTA yesterday, and i also finally gave in and signed up with a recruiter. Unfortunatly they said they only have 4-6 companies they normally work with up there. However they said they didn't mind if i worked with a second company as well and/or sent in some resumes on my own, as long as i coordinated with them on it.

Spent this morning watching cartoons and burning backup CDs so i could free up some hard drive space on my laptop.

Thinking about going to dungeon tonight. No, really, i mean it this time :)

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