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Oh yeah

I was just reminded, i actually had a dream that i remembered last night!

I actually remembered having two dreams, but I only remembered what happened in one of them.

I was in england for some reason, and supposed to be going to a class or something. What was strange was that i was only supposed to be there for a day or two.

I had to take a train from where i was staying to where the class was, and London was about 45 minutes past the stop where i was supposed to get off. So i decided to leave early and go into London and go to some cool really large comic/anime store there.

For some reason I had all my luggage with me on the train, about four pieces including my laptop case. Partway there i realized i didn't have the address for the comic store, so i pulled out my laptop, and either had it saved there, or the train was equiped with wi-fi so i could get on the internet and look it up.

Got off at the station in London, and i thought that i realized i didn't know how to get from the train station to the address i had, but next thing i remember i was at the store. Remember looking around for a bit, and then i had to leave for some reason, either because the store was closing or cause i had to catch the train back. I got to the school or whatever it was, and was actually fairly early, so i sat around for a half hour or an hour wishing i had stayed at the store longer.

I never figured out what the class or whatever it was, cause again things skipped as far as my memory goes, and i was back home, except it was my parent's house instead of my apartment. Don't really remember what happened after that.

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