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Why I hope the State of the Union address doesn't mention space travel

It's probably a folorn hope, i know, but still...

You shouldn't use lies to support the truth, and you shouldn't use the truth to support lies.

We should be heading into space, but Bush should not be using the idea as propaganda to pull attention away from other issues. He hasn't even done anything yet, he's proposed a billion dollars a year more for NASA after proposing $1.5 billion for marriage propaganda. He doesn't deserve credit for something he hasn't actually done yet, and even if he actually did something about it, it doesn't make up for all his other deficiencies.

And if Bush does talk about space travel, a lot of democrats are going to knee-jerk oppose it. Instead of pointing out that it's just a propaganda ploy, i've already heard democrats on tv saying "we have more important issues to pay attention to back here on earth" or similar rhetoric. Sure, we shouldn't ignore dometic issues, but there's no reason we can't do both at the same time. NASA is a drop in the bucket compared to both the defense budget and the domestic budget. If we don't have enough money for domestic issues let's look at cutting excess in the defense budget or cutting waste in both budgets. We've clearly displayed that we have more than enough military to go and invade two other countries, clearly we've got a bit more than we need there.

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