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19 January 2004 @ 11:39 pm
B5 and stuff  
Morna and Bricriu came over about 10 am this morning to get started on watching season 4 of B5. We got through about six episodes before they had to leave to go visit some friends in LA.

After they left i looked through the easter eggs i just found out about on the net (since they didn't have time to see them before they needed to go, and i wasn't willing to wait till whatever the next time was.) The season one easter egg was just a pretty stupid trailer. However the other three seasons had outtake/blooper reels which were pretty interesting. However i was disapointed that they didn't include the "General Hague is on Deep Space Nine" one.

After they left i spent most of the time sitting around websurfing and talking with Caithris on IM. I was thinking about having one of the frozen steaks for dinner tonight, however i just realized i hadn't thought to thaw one out. So instead i had made some special cup of noodles and a cup of chai.

Thinking about watching a movie before bed. Either one of the anime movies i've got backlogged or "The Medalion," a newish Jackie Chan movie.