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Was up till 5ish last night, and got up about 1pm. After becoming awake enough for coherent thought, i spent the first hour cataloging books off the shelves in my bedroom. I got through _most_ of the hardbacks, which amounted to about 60. I don't really like paperbacks, so i only get those if it's a book i really want, or it's cheap through the SFBC, or i forget to respond to the SFBC in time and they send me the featured selections i don't want =P

Decided to go to costco to look for lunch and get some grocery type food at 4. I don't know if it's for short term or not, but they've gotten rid of their pretzels and have churros instead =/ (Which i think counts as points for my theory that the best way to describe churros to someone who doesn't know what they are is as straight, fried, cinamon pretzels :)

Went inside after having breakfast/lunch and looked at the computers first as usual. They've got a pretty good Compaq for $899. Only problems being A: I think it's Compaq i'm annoyed at because of their stupid commercials, and B: I shouldn't be buying a new computer now regardless of how cheap it is. As soon as i accept a job offer i can do that, but not before.

I then went to the DVD section second, also as usual, and was annoyed to find that they had almost half a table filled with B5 boxed sets! I didn't dig through the pile, but up front that had at least seaons two, three, and _four_! I bought Season 4 on friday for about $80, and Costco had if for about $65 =P I've seen Stargate boxed sets at Costco before, but i think this is the first time i've seen B5.

So after that actually went and bought some food. Got bread and cheese and tostitos and hot dog buns. Then i got to the frozen/refrigerated section, and found that they were out of the jumbo hot dogs i wanted to try, so went and but the hot dog buns back. Got some yogurt, and then i decided to be silly and get a box of six small frozen steaks for $12. Then i decided to be really silly and get a thing of chocolate chip cookie dough :)

When i got in line at the register, i noticed the person in line of me had one of the packs of Monster energy drink, which i'd decided not to get. However when he got to the front of the line the cashier told him that it had a $5 mail in rebate. Would have gotten a pack if i'd known that, but decided it wasn't worth running back to get one even though the cashier offered to ring it up, especially since i frequently forget to send in such small rebates anyways. I did however find that the tostitos, which i happened to have gotten two bags of, had a two for one sale going on! I complained that no one ever tells me about these things, and she said that they'd just given them those cupons to have at the cashier this week, which i don't know was supposed to make me feel better or what.

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