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Okay, i've been of mixed feelings about the whole Bush space anouncement thing. However today we've had the first concrete results from his proposal. They cancled the future space shuttle mission to perform maintenance on the Hubble telescope.

So who knows when and if NASA will get the money Bush promised, but they're already making cuts because of his plan. Just great.

And in other cynical news, i believe when we invaded Iraq, one of the stated goals was to bring democracy to the middle east. There's some popular Shiite priest (or whatever the right term is) who's adgitating for open elections, however the US is opposed to this and wants a caucus system. According to the news the reasons for wanting this is that the US wants to make sure the minorities in Iraq are fairly represented (a fairly good reason) and because in a caucus system the US believe it could assure that the elected officials were friendly towards the US... say what? Are we going for the USSR-communist system of "democracy" you can vote for anyone you want as long as they're pro-US?

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