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My ashke has left me... to go watch a couple episodes of Stargate on Tivo :) I've also gotten her into Firefly. Now all that's left is the final step of Babylon 5, and her journey to the dark side will be complete! Muhahahahaha!

Er, ahem.


Well, at least in terms of tv. I need to get her reading some Vernor Vinge or something like that. She complains that most science fiction is depressing, which i find strange because the Robin Hobb books she likes so much are just as depressing as most science fiction i read, as are some of the comics she's gotten me on to :)

Oh, in other SF/anime news i watched the first DVD of Last Exile last night, which was pretty cool.

Now i'm going to go walk to the village for a late lunch/early dinner in an attempt to help jump-start my brain.

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