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Was going to try and get out of the apartment last night, specifically, i was trying to work up the energy to go to Dungeon, but i just ended up being lazy instead. My ashke suggested i should go to Baskin & Robins or the store or something if i didn't feel like making it to dungeon, just so i'd at least do the getting out of the apartment thing. So after talking to her i went to the the ice cream place in the village. They didn't have the black espresso ice cream i like, but they had black "cappuchino(sp) crunch" which looked and tasted similar. Maybe they changed the name? Maybe i misremembered the name? Maybe they have two similar flavors they alternate between?

Came home and got the bright idea of moving my laptop into the new bedroom, since it has easily accessible outlets and telephone jacks, so that i could stay up late reading in bed and cruising the web. Went to sleep about 4:30, and was planing on getting up at 1:30, but for some reason i spontaneously woke up at 11:30.

Spent the morning talking to people on IM and got sucked into the Corporate Machine again :) Talked to my ashke on the phone for a bit, but she left pretty soon to go take a nap cause she's feeling sick :(

I was thinking about going to Costco for lunch today and maybe buying some stuff, however it was about 2:30 by the time i finished up my Corporate Machine game. I couldn't remember what time Costco closes, but it's pretty early on sundays, especially for the food part. I decided to go to the village to get some indian food instead of going to costco and possibly finding it closed. Then i decided to be _really_ nuts and actually _walk_ to the village. Amazing, huh? :) Of course then i decided to be a geek and bring my GBA SP along so i could play Advance Wars 2 while walking :)

When i got to the village i noticed that the empanada place has closed down :( I could have sworn that they opened less than a year ago, and it seems kind of stupid for them to close this early. It takes some time to build up a customer base. I'd only gone there once, but was thinking of going again, especially if i could get Kialyn to come along.

Had some indian food, then wandered around the village for awhile, then walked back to apartment. My legs are feeling a little sore now, which is probably good. Wonderng if i should do something productive now, or play more Corporate Machine :)

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