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It's begining to smell a lot like mint

I went to Stater Brothers yesterday and bought some of the poison free insecticide. Unfortunatly the nozzle fell off while it was in the bag, i found the nozzle and stuck it back on, but it's kind of at a weird angle. It sprays though, so i guess i shouldn't complain too much. I went around the apartment and sprayed all the places where there are frequently ants but weren't at the moment. There were a few places that still had ants that i'm going to wait and see if i can find a time to spray it when they're not there. The person who recomended this stuff said that the ants know to avoid stuff that smells like mint (the primary ingredient in this stuff is mint oil) since they know it kills them, so i'm hoping that if i can spray it around when they're not there they'll just stay away without any of them actually getting killed.

Since the primary ingredient is mint oil however, the apartment now smells of a kind of minty thing. It's calmed down a bit since when i first sprayed it last night, but it's still a little annoying.

Went to target today and bought some more cleany stuff, including a cheap vacuum and a cheap carpet cleaner thing, and few other things. Now it's time to clean and pack.

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