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I _am_ going to finish up the RotK post at some point, really i am! =P

I decided to go do some shopping today (since i overslept yesterday morning when i'd originally planed to go.) I didn't realize/remember till i got to the parking lots of where i was going that today is (probably) the busiest day of the year (possibly just the second busiest, the 23rd occasianly beats it out)

I'd decided to go to Target first to look for the poison-free bug spray. Took me about five minutes to get parking, and i was farily lucky because almost as soon as i got into the parking lot i found a space that most people probably thought was too small due to some idiot parking over the line, but i managed to squeeze in there. Unfortunatly Target had lots of insecticides, but not the one i was looking for, and in fact not any poison-free varieties at all =P

So left and went to Costco, cause Morna said they had cheap copies of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen there. Had lunch first, and then went inside. Found the League pretty easy, but i also wanted to find a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean because they had the VHS tapes last time we looked, so i figured they _had_ to have the DVDs. Looked through all three or four tables, and didn't find any (they still had the VHS, but no DVD.) Then on the second scan through i found one single DVD left of Shanghai Knights. I was thinking about getting it, haven't actually seen it yet, but c'mon, it's Jackie Chan! when i noticed that it had a costco cupon on the package for $5 off the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD!

So now i _knew_ they had it, or at least had had it at some point, so i started checking under the tables in the boxes of extra DVDs. Finally, halfway through the last table, i found a single solitary Pirates of the Caribbean DVD! Actually, there might have been more, since there was half a table left, but it was the only one in that particular pile. So i got $5 off the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD, but when it was getting rung up it looked like there were two discounts. I checked the receipt afterwards, and sure enough, there was the $5 one i was expecting, but there was a $6 one for the League as well. None of the boxes had a cupon on it for that, and i have no idea why i got it, but i'm not complaining :)

After that i went to Best Buy to look for presents for my parents and my ashke. Found the two DVDs i was supposed to get for my parents (Dark City and the Mummy Returns) and got an extra copy of Dark City for myself. I may or may not have found presents for my ashke O:)

Got a few other things for myself (although not the Rankin/Bass Return of the King which i really wanted to get. Will have to go to DVDPlanet after christmas or order it online or something) and got a $50 gift card for my sister, and then went to wait in the huge line. It wasn't actually as huge as the last time i went to Best Buy just before christmas, but despite that a lot of people seemed suprised by the size. A cute geeky girl was going through the line offering people the chance to get out of the line and go to a special empty register if they were willing to sign up for a free month of AOL, Earthlink, MSN, or some other online service. She said you could use it even if you were already signed up, but i told her it wasn't worth it, since i didn't want to have to figure out what the catch was, it was only one month free, and i didn't mind wiaitng in line that much.

Oh, one of the things i got there was the third season of B5 (the B5 people can rejoice, though i don't know if we'll have time to watch any before people scatter home) but they tried to charge me $83.99 instead of the 79.99 on the sticker! Luckily i happened to be looking at the screen when it got rung up and noticed it and showed them the sticker on the box.

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