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Saturday *yawn*

Went to sleep about 3:30 or 4 am last night. Got up at 6:45 to watch cartoons and because i needed to leave between 8 and 9 to pick up some friends of Caithris at LAX.


Didn't actually get to watch many cartoons, cause i decided to try and fix the crack and ding in my windshield. It took me awhile to get the goo from the tape i had protecting them offf. Then tried to apply the expoxy or whatever it is. It worked fairly well on the ding, not so well on the crack. Part of the problem is that it didn't do a very good job of suctioning to the window. When i tried to press it down some of the epoxy immediatly leaked into the suction cup, which kept it from getting a firm grip, which made it slide around, and made it hard to squeeze epoxy directly into the breaks.


Left for LAX at 8:45, and made it there in pleanty of time, picked them up about 10:10, and got back home at 11:30 after dropping them off at mudd.

Spent the afternoon and early evening reading Winds of Change, playing Advance Wars 2, watching Firefly, and talking to my ashke.


Morna and Bricriu came over at 9:30 or 10 to watch some B5. We got kinda sucked in and ended up watching all 11 episodes left in season 2 :) They just headed home at 6.

It's been a long time since i watched season 2 of B5. A few of the episodes i hadn't seen at all until now. So it's kind of strange that i managed to accidently quote a lot of the famous quotes just before they were said :) It makes a certain amount of sense that when Sheridan goes to Kosh to talk about Z'ha'dum for the first time, that that will be the time that the famous Kosh quote about that subject will be uttered, but it still felt a little weird to say the lines without actually knowing they were coming up, and then have one of the characters say the same thing five seconds later :) I was especially suprised when at one point i made a random historical quote that i didn't actually associate with B5, and some guy then says the exact same thing. Of course when B5 goes for the symbolism, they tend to lay it on pretty blatantly, so i really shouldn't have been that suprised that if i thought a particular quote applied that JMS would shoehorn it in there :)


I'm getting sick of the news talking about what a huge boost capturing Saddam is going to be to Bush's reelection chances. I wish people would actually pay attention to the issues rather than the symbolism. I'm not sure whether or not they captured Saddam really makes a big difference in the state of Iraq. Not having captured Saddam didn't make any of the right things about invading Iraq wrong, and having captured him now doesn't make any of the wrong things right. Likewise, i don't think it was really Bush's fault that the economy tanked when it did, and i don't think it's due to him that the economy is getting better now. Economies do things like that, and most of the time, the actions of a single president can at best speed up or retard those changes slightly.

But most people will ignore the issues that really matter, and instead pay attention to Saddam's capture, and whether or not Bin Laden is captured, and how the economy is doing, and who looks better on camera.

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