DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Firefly! :)

Gave Morna a ride to work yesterday since her SO was using their car. We had lunch at Costco, and then decided we had enough time to go look inside for a little bit before she had to be at work. She wanted to look at frozen dinner stuff, but on the way out we stopped by the DVD area, and i was very happy to find that the had the Firefly collection at a really cheap price! I wasn't happy to find that they had the Two Towers extended edition with the statue thing at a really cheap price since i've already bought that =P

But anyways, i have Firefly now *happies*

Drove down to store in Tustin after that and bought some stuff for my ashke for christmas/birthday. I'd been planning to get oil changed at my mechanic as well, but realized that i wasn't going to have time for that. Got to sit through a lot of rush hour traffic on the way home. Talked to Caithris for awhile when i got there, and then watched the first Firefly episode.

The first episode is actually a long 2 parter, or at least it was when it was first shown. The smooshed it together into one thing. They also made a few changes to it, which annoys me a little. Not the changes per se, but that they didn't provide a way to see the original. When it was broadcast they apparently started out in space, and the background of the captain was revealed in a discussion about halfway through. Apparently they had a deleted scene that actually shows the battle at Serenity which they added to the begining of the show, and took out the discussion explaining it. It's ironic that they're rewarding us by restoring a deleted scene, but in doing so deleting another scene which we can't see =P And although the battle scene looks cool, the scene they removed was actually a bit more informative about what exactly what was going on.

I'm still impressed that the "good" guys are so willing to kill people who deserve it. I'm also really impressed that when they're in space, there's no noise! Nothing! The ship fires up it's engine and shoots off completly silently! :) And despite some people's complaints i think the world is pretty reasonable given the method of colonization. If you want to colonize a place on the cheap, it's a lot better to ships in horses than it is to ship in tractors. Horses will reproduce themselves.

Oh, and the geeky engineer girl is really cute :)

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