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More cooking fun

Made (((fake) (hamburger helper)) beef stroganof) tonight.

When i said that without the parens to Rahvina she thought at first that i'd used fake hamburger :)

I think i already mentioned that the hamburger helper things make way too much for just me to eat, and they have other problems as well, at least for me.

I used a 10-12 inch sauce pan like they said, and browned a pound of ground beef. At least i tried to, what exactly does "browning" mean? I'm guessing they don't mean that light brown it turns at first, but do they mean the medium brown it turns after that, or do they want the medium browm with dark brown searing on the bottom? Or maybe all dark brown?

I tried to do medium brown with searing, but while i was getting the hot water for the next step ready some of it crossed over from medium brown through dark brown to _really_ dark brown and getting ready to burn, but not of it actually burned, which was good. Oh, and i was silly and decided to be creative, and added a little bit of A1 sauce to the meat while i was browning it :)

After it's browned you're supposed to drain it, which is simple in theory. However difficulties arise when you've got a 10-12 inch pan with nothing to keep the meat in besides a spatula. I think i got about 75% of the liquid poured out, and about 5% of the meat :)

After that i added hot water and milk and the sauce mix, and found that the sauce pan i was using was _barely_ big enough to hold it all. I had to be really carefull stiring, and even so a little bit sloshed over the sides, luckily not enough to drip down to the burner and make a huge mess.

Then ran into another definition problem, what is "simmering?" It said to bring the liquid to a boil and then reduce the heat and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Should something that is simmering still bubble? Or should it just be warm? After thinking about it a bit Rahvina told me it was turning the burner down until the liquid was barely bubbling, which i think is what i accomplished.

Of course while it was simmering it was also supposed to be covered, which is difficult to do when you have nothing to cover it with.

All in all though it turned out pretty well. At least it tasted yummy to me :) I ate about half of it, which amounts to 2 or 3 servings according to the box, but wasn't toooo bad, since i wasn't having anything else to eat with it, and put the rest of it in a bowl and saran wraped it and put it in the fridge for tomorrow.

All together dinner took a little over an hour to make and eat, way too long to spend on food if you ask me =P Oh well, at least i can microwave the leftovers in a few minutes for dinner tomorrow :)

Started Winds of Fury last night and finished it this evening, now on Winds of Change. And Caithris, i _did_ list all the books correctly in the post about the shopping spree! =P Speaking of buying the books, i really should have gotten a new copy of By the Sword, by the end a couple of the pages were starting to fall out. Not sure how many more times i can safely read it.

*pet peeve*

If an author feels that the second and/or later books in a series must make sure the audience is reminded or informed of what came before that particular book, i entirely approve of a prologue to deal with that necessity. Those who remember the details can just skip to the first chapter.

However, if you have a prologue that explains in detail everything that came before, it's even _more_ stupid to have the protagonist spend almost ten pages of the first chapter akwardly thinking about all the details that happened in the previous book that for some reason got left out of the prologue! Including a page long except from the previous book in italics!

People don't think like that and it sounds stupid when you force a character into it!


For people keeping track of signs and portents though, there's the great bit from one of the Companions, "Vanyel and Sayv--Savil had too much on their minds to give descriptions of where they'd been."

Sayvel being Kerowyn's Companion of course :)

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