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Strange dreams

I've been having strange dreams the past few days, which is strange itself, because most of the time i don't remember my dreams

The first one was a few days ago. I was on a big cruise ship type thing that was part of a fleet of ships. It was on some water world with very little land, at least in our area. I don't know if it was always like that, or if something like global warming had been going on. The entire nation that i was part of had picked up and moved from wherever we were and were looking for a new home. The ship was halfway between a giant floating apartment complex (like a cruise ship, but larger, not as fancy, and with larger "cabins") and a small enclosed city, and most of the other ships in the fleet were like it.

The first part of the dream was a general escape type dream, though don't know what i was trying to escape from. Kept running up and down stairs to different levels and trying to use elevators to trap/confuse whoever was pursuing me.

After awhile we were either getting close to our destination, or reached some other critical juncture, and the powers that be decided that there were too many people on the ships, so some kind of lottery or contest was being done to get rid of people. I'm not entirely sure what happened to the people who got selected, if they were killed or enslaved or dumped overboard, or what. In any event, i didn't want to be one of them, and spent awhile trying to manipulate whatever the process was so i didn't get chosen.

Then i either got chosen, and decided to escape, or just decided to leave for the hell of it, and was trying to get off the ship. Don't remember what happened after that (if anything)

The second dream i had last night, and in it i was watching some kind of horror movie, which kept frightening me so i turned it off, but then for some reason after a little bit i'd decide to turn it on again (maybe cause there were some sex scenes later on in.) When i was watching the movie the dream changed focus so it felt like i was actually inside the movie, but i don't know if i took the part of any of the protagonists, i don't think so, think i was just observing. For some reason when i turned the movie off and went back to "reality" i didn't think this was odd at all.

The movie featured that were possessed by some tailsman things that turned them into vampire like demons or monsters. Not really sure who the protagonists were supposed to be, the possesed people, or the (presumed) people they were (presumably) attacking. I don't actually remember if there were any victim type people in it. There were a couple point where i felt scared like a victim type person, but i don't remember if i had a body at those points, or was still a disembodied observer who was somehow still a victim, or just a disembodied observer getting caught up in the action.

For some reason my left thumb has been sore for the past few days. It feels kind of like the bone in the center joint, but i can't think of anything i've done to hurt it.

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