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Most of the way through By the Sword. I'm trying to decide if i want to read "Sun in Glory" before or after Mage Winds. Sun in Glory is a novella by Mercedes Lackey and several short stories by other people. I'm mostly interested in the novella, and going by the title, i'm hoping it's about the revolution in Karse. I'd like to read it when it's most time-line appropriate, but i can't remember if it happens before the last book of Mage Winds, or the first book of Mage Storms.

Kerowyn is a _lot_ like what i've always looked for in an SO. In fact, i'm wondering if i first read By the Sword before or after i cemented those ideas/preferences in my head.

Had more tofu and soy sauce for dinner, but was still hungry afterwards. I think in the future i should just cook/eat the whole package of tofu instead of splitting it in half since i'm always hungry after eating just half, and it's annoying storing the second half till later. Had some cool whip with raspberries after that, with way too much cool whip. Luckily i got the fat free stuff, which doesn't have very many calories.

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