DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Tofu is yummy

Didn't feel like doing tofu stir-fry last night, but decided to cook some tofu a little bit more simply. Just boiled it in water for a little bit so it was no longer refrigerator-cold, and had it with soy sauce. Yummy! :)

Was still hungry after that though, so after awhile cooked two hot dogs and used the last hot dog bun. Speaking of which, that's what i forgot to buy at the store, hot dog buns! =P

Just got back from a trip to Stater Brothers. Bought some frozen pizza and some frozen pies on the recomendation of Morna. Also bought some cool whip and raspberries for desert on the recomendation of Caithris. I was thinking of going to costco at some point and buying hamburger, but decided that that was too much work for just hamburger, so bought some frozen hamburger patties and two boxes of hamburger helper type stuff. Unfortunatly they make way too much for just me to eat, i'll have to save some of it for leftovers when i make it. Also got some more tofu, some hot pockets, some ibuprofin (the bottle i normally keep in my car is experied) and some band-aids.

Watching the news while waiting for Caithris to show up online. Apparently a lot of city mayors in california are upset because they're getting their budgest shorted by the state givernment. Suprisngly, when Schwarzenager revoked the vehicle tab fees, $4 billion didn't magically show up to make up the difference. Apparently he's also threatening to cut funding to schools, which has got all the schools pissed off. That's two campaign promises broken so far. Suprising how things work out when campaign promises meet fiscal reality isn't it? =P

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