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Anyone know where any late night coffee shops in the claremont/pomona/montclair etc area might be? Like open till 1 or 2 am? I've been feeling lonely lately, and wishing there was someplace i could go to read late at night where people would be around. Of course i can't really justify spending money at such a place in my current circumstances =P

Finished up Last Herald-Mage, and ran into yet another of those perpetual annoyances. In Magic's Pawn when Vanyel's gifts first get "awakened," Savil says that he has all the gifts except Healing, and that he even has a little Fire-starting and ironically, the Bardic gift. Yet in Magic's Promise and Magic's Price he never uses the Bardic gift despite spending a lot of time playing and singing, and he _does_ use the Healing gift which he says that he has in small portion. He never uses the Fire-starting gift either, but he's never in a situation where that would be particularly usefull.

After i finished that i decided to read some Tarma and Kethry before starting in on By the Sword. I didn't feel like reading all of it, but decided to read Oathbreaker since that's the most tied in with the main storyline. I don't know if i have the third Vows and Honor book (i seem to remember a third one recently being added after Oathbound and Oathbreaker) and i'm not sure if i've actually read it either, but i _think_ it's just a collection of short stories from earlier in their careers like Oathbound.

Apparently Orson Scott Card has a new book out, one of the Alvin Maker ones. I really liked the first few books in that series, but haven't stayed current with the last few. I can't remember if that's because they weren't as good, or because they were so few and far between. Maybe i should try reading them again.

Getting hungry, but not sure what i should have for dinner. Not sure i feel like cooking tofu tonight, and only have one hot dog bun left =P Maybe i should go by some frozen dinner things tomorrow, and maybe go by Costco and get some frozen hamburger so i can make some more things.

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