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Aparently Virginia or West Virginia or some other state is the last state to get a Starbucks store. The news reporter said something about how they had coffee stands before, but this was the "first old fashioned sit down store." I really hope they're applying "old fashioned" to sit down store versus stand, but regardless it sounds dumb to be using "old fashioned" in reference to any kind of _Starbucks_ store.

Apparently Rush Limbaugh has been attacking the police about all the drug investigations. The police of course responded that they had all the proper search warrents and such. Which of course makes me wonder if they really needed to bother. After all, haven't they been telling us that drugs are connected to terrorism? In that case, this is clearly a terrorist case, and they don't need to get a warrant or bother with any of those other pesky rights things. It would certainly be no worse than some of the other abuses of the Patriot Act that i've heard about. I also really have to wonder about him talking about how going to the drug abuse clinic saved his life. Typical republican hypocrisy, if you're poor and you do drugs, you're a horirible criminal, if you're rich, you need help, and can go to a (probably founded/funded by democrats) clinic and it's all okay.

For some reason the possibility of going back to the moon has been coming up, and i'm not quite sure why. Every time it gets mentioned in the news it's also always mentioned that the Chinese space program is doing well, and frequently mentioned that they plan to go to the moon. I find it a little hard to believe that that's the only reason, that we've still got such a cold war type mentality that the possibility of someone else going to the moon is enough in itself to motivate a project of that magnitude, but perhaps i'm being naive. In any case, regardless of the reason, i think it's a good idea. However the latest news blurb i saw on it cast some doubts on the idea because of the projected cost, billions of dollars. Billions? Did they really mean just billions and not tens of billions? How much did congress just vote to spend additionally on Iraq? We're probably spending a few hundred billion overall on the various wars, which are dragging our PR down into the gutter, but a few more billion for the space program, or even a few more tens of billions, is too much?

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