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I didn't buy lunch today, but that's just about the only thing that i didn't buy =P

Morna came over for awhile early this afternoon, and we watched four more episodes of B5. After that i drove her to the mall so she could go to work.

I went by GameStop and bought the Mario and Luigi Superstar game for GBA, which means that if i'm understanding things correctlly, i can now get a copy of the Zelda bonus disk. Have to go look at or something and check. I was getting kind of hungry at that point, and thought about getting something in the food court, but resisted the impulse.

After that i went to Borders. Well, first i spent five minutes or so circling the parking lot looking for a parking space, then i went to borders. Unfortunatly they didn't have all the books i wanted. They didn't have the James Alan Gardner book i wanted, and of Mercedes Lackey, they only had Winds of Fury, Storm Warning, and Storm Rising. I got those, and a few other non-Valdemar Mercedes Lackey books, and the first book in Stevent Brust's sorta-new series, Paths of the Dead i think.

After that i went to Barnes and Noble, which had Winds of Fate, Winds of Change, and Storm Breaking, but didn't have the James Alan Gardner book. Oh well, it had the stuff i really wanted.

After that i was really feeling like In-n-Out, but i resisted that urge, and came straight home without buying any fast food. That's worth one book, right? :)

Now i just need to figure out what to make for lunch/dinner.

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