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More food

Went to the store this evening cause i was running out of stuff. Well, more of the morning to me, i was up till about 8am playing FFTA and reading the Last Herald-Mage.

I'd originally intended to get zip-lock bags, milk, pop, hot dog buns, and more Chai Latte mix. Got all those, and then got suckered into getting one of those $1.39 a box brand "Devil's Squares," and a box of krispy kreme donut holes, and two bottles of those V8 fruit drink things.

I also looked at the insecticide section since i was thinking of going to Target to look for some. They had a "bio-organic" brand, but not the one i'd been told about. They claimed it was safe for pets and people, but on the back it said if you ingested any you should drink lots of water and consult a physician, wheras on the website at least the other brand said they were made of just mint oil and some starch or something, so if you wanted you could spray it on kitchen counters and then not worry about putting food on it. I figure i'll go looking for the other brand later, and see what their label says to do in case of ingestion.

The problem with getting krispy kreme donut holes is that they tend to disapear within the day, if not within the hour. So since i had just bought some ziplock bags, i split them up into four or five bags of six donut holes each, which i hope will make them easier to resist.


How do you tell when hot dogs are done boiling? And does anything bad happen if you let them boil too long?

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