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I have a _lot_ of books. And i don't even have most of them here. I've got most of the best books, but i've probably got at _least_ an equal number of books back at my parent's house. Some of those books are great, a fair number of them are just good, but a lot of them are mediocre at best. I suppose i really ought to get rid of them, but as anyone who knows my fairly well already knows, i'm loathe to get rid of _anything_.

This is doubly so in the case of books, i'm not willing to just throw them away. Unfortunatly i don't know if i could find anyone who would take most of the ones i could convince myself i could do without. I've also got a mild phobia about getting rid of books, or reading books i don't own. When i was younger i used to read a fair number of books from the library. A lot of the stuff i really liked i bought later. However there was one book i read that i really liked that i forgot the name and author of, and could never find again. I still remember a fair bit of the plot and such, but there's no good way to look up a book based off of that.

I'm trying to force myself to clean up around here, and the easiest task to get started on was unpacking old boxes of books and putting them on the shelves. The shelves i'm sorting the really good books onto is mostly full, the other two sets of shelves are completly full, double stacked, and then books piled on top of the books on the top shelf :) I also had an ulterior motive in that after finishing up "Take a Thief" and "Exile's Honor" i felt like reading the rest of the Valdemar series again and see if i can make it through the Storm books this time. Unfortunatly i didn't find any of the later books in the series while sorting the books like i was hoping i would.

When i was down at my friends' place for thanksgiving, we got onto the topic of houses somehow (probably because they own one) and they said that if you're going to be staying in a place for more than three years, economically the best option is to get a house. That way you actually are getting something for your money instead of paying out for an apartment that gets you nothing permenant.

The idea of having a house sounds attractive, especially if i end up moving back to Washington, where i can pretty easily get the last bits of stuff out of my parent's house. (Mainly the aforementioned books =) However there are several problems with that.

The biggest problem is money. If i sold off all me EA stock, i could maybe come up with 10,000, if i was lucky. Which seems like a fair bit of money, but not when you're talking about in terms of a mortgage. I think they said you're supposed to put 10% of the cost of the house down, and 100K isn't much of a house. The other thing is that i'd worry about becoming attached to it. I become way too attached to practically everything, and since i seem to need to find a new job every two years, there's no guarantee how long i'd be able to stay there. I miss my first apartment, how much worse would it be with a house?

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