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02 December 2003 @ 04:30 am
Wait, what do you mean i got a yellow card for attacking that vampire? What law did i break? *checks*

*confused* No weapons are outlawed, what the hell? *double-checks*

Damage to Animals??

What?!? Vampires are _not_ animals damn it! And if i'm not allowed to damage them, and casting death on them heals them, how the #$%^&*@! an i supposed to defeat them??? If instant death doesn't work on them, i don't know if doom will either, and asking me to defeat four vampires and a Totema with one character having a 40% chance of casting doom successfully is a bit much. Reset time.

Of course i was already pissed that the previous battle auto-ended for some reason before i had the chance to steal all of the head-guy's cool stuff :)

So, question, why can't you steal shoes? When you get steal accessory the chance to steal shoes is always 0%. Someone on the message boards suggested that it doesn't seem possible to steal shoes that someone is standing on. Nice in theory, however it would seem equally difficult to steal a weapon someone is holding or armor that someone is wearing. And then there's the whole realm of stealing things that don't even have a physical existance right out of their heads! If you steal Gil by picking their pocket, do you steal Exp, JP, and Skills by picking their nose to get to their brain?

And i am once again being annoyed by the severe lack of information provided in the menus. Once you get into battle, there is no way to check what items you actually own. You have to remember to check all the enemies during the setup,and compare what they have to your inventory then. Even then it kinda sucks. You can check what equipment the enemy has, but you can't see what the stats of the equipment is, or what skills it lets you learn. So if you don't have it already, you have no way of telling if stealing it would be usefull or not unless you check a faq.

Equiping stuff is a total disaster. You can hit the R button to see what skills a piece of equipment teaches you, but you can't see how much of that skill you've learned. You have to exit the equip menu, select the pick abilities menu, then hit the R button to see how much you've learned of which skills. You then need to memorize all the skills and amounts, go back to the equip items menu, and pick something usefull. You also get very little idea of how the items affect your stats. When equiping items you can hit start to see how it will change your stats. Or rather, what your stats will be if you equip it. The do color the number blue and red to show if the stat will go up or down, but since it doesn't show you what the original amount was it's only marginally usefull. You either have to memorize the stats before you start fidling with equipment, or you have to select something you can't equip, and hit start to see your unadulterated stats.

Whoever designed the menu system in this game needs to be beaten.
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kallah on December 2nd, 2003 07:19 am (UTC)
Grah. It did that to me too. Apparently animal=anything not one of the five races. *mutter*

Yeah, the menus suck.

Oh, and one really stupid thing (to warn you before you hit the final battle). The game makes you save before the final battle (as in, if you don't save, you don't get the battle). Not only that, but it makes you do that every single time you restart - lose the battle, you have to walk back out, walk back in, and save again. Every time.