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""There's one thing I learnt from being a test pilot... Wait, no there isn't, ahh! Index out of bounds!" *thunk*

"See? This is why you should use an "if" statement, like Abijar did, before accessing your array."



Woot score!

I just finished three or four missions in a row (well, one of them was a clan encounter) and got some great loot. Mythril Bell isn't that great, but i didn't have one before. The Tiger Fangs however teach Earth Render, which I've been wanting for my Bangaa for a long time. The real catch though was Sword Breaker. Unfortunatly i can't remember how exactly i got it, i just know it was the last few missions. I didn't think much of it at the time till i checked what it teaches, which is Steal Weapon!!!! It's damn hard to get, the faqs i've read said it's just a random reward for high level missions. Unfortunatly I didn't remember the name of the weapon that tought that at the time i got it, so i didn't make the connection. I'm very happy though :) Yay! Steal stuff!

Of course this means i need to switch Marche off of Ninja and onto Thief, which has crappy leveling stats. He's pretty ahead of the level curve though, so hopefully he can learn Steal Weapon and get back to Ninja or Blue Mage before gaining anymore levels. Oh wait, Marche is still learning Double Sword. Perhaps Montblanc should learn it, though he's in the same position with leveling up as Gadgeteer.

I'm having trouble deciding what to level up some of my characters as. Some races it's pretty clear, you almost always want to level up Nu Mou as Sages, and almost always want to level up Moogles as Mog Knights or Gadgeteers, however some others it somewhat depends on what you want them to do. Templar is the best overall Bangaa class, however somne of the others are better if you don't care about MP or Magic Power. Problem is i have no idea which if any attacks are affected by Magic Power. It's really annoying.

There's a spell like ability that some class (i forget which) has called Judge. It steals Judge Points from you if you have any, i think up to 2, and at a range, so it's a powered up version of Steal JP. However it is spell like. Which led to the amusing event when i first saw this ability used, unfortunatly (or fortunatly for me) the computer is too stupid to check what reaction abilities your characters have equiped. So it cast Judge on a chracter of mine who had Return Magic. They steal 2 JP from me, bringing them up to 2 and me down to 8. I cast Judge right back, which would have been ineffective except that they just stole some JP from me, so i steal the 2 JP right back, putting them back at 0 and me back at 10 :)

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