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So is _this_ "real food"?

Made teriyaki tofu again tonight.

Put some olive oil in the pan to try and keep stuff from sticking and set the eat on high. When the oil started bubbling i added the diced tofu. I had to drop it in from kind of high cause it, um, not sparked, but what do you call that with boiling wattery stuff?

Anyways, let the tofu sear for a bit trying to flip the pieces over so they got browned on at least two sides. After they started getting dark brown/blackish spots i added the teriyaki sauce. I only added a medium amount at bit, but it started bubbling a lot and started smoking. I started adding more to try and keep it from burning and sticking to the bottom of the pan.

At that point the smoke alarm started beeping, and i realized there was a fair amount of smoke in the apartment. First i turned the stove down some, then ran over to the smoke alarm and waved the smoke away from it and it sopped beeping quickly, then i spent a minute figuring out how to turn the kitchen fan on.

So i figured i needed some more liquid, cause the teriyaki sauce was already starting to burn again, but i'd already gone through a lot of the bottle of teriyaki sauce, so i poured in some of the pineapple juice from the can of pineapple chunks i was going to use. That added enough liquid to cover the entire bottom of the pan, so i turned the heat up again and let it bubble for awhile. Then i added about 3/4ths of the pineapple chunks, and then a little more teriyaki sauce on the pineapple bits and let it all cook for awhile. Added pineapple juice two or three more times, whenever the liquid was reducing enough that the pan was sticking through lots. Ate the last 1/4th of a can of pineapple while i was cooking :)

When it was getting farily reduced the last time i turned the stove off, and then moved the pan off the burner a little bit later while still stirring, and managed to end up with a medium syrupy teriyaki/pineapple sauce.

Oh, and this time i tried cleaning the pan with paper towels rather than using the sponge, cause the sponge was still stained brown from last time, and it seemed to work pretty well.

Tastes pretty good, a little better than last time i think, maybe cause of the sauce.

I finally managed to beat Star Cup at 150 cc. That gave me the "Bullet Train" car, which is pretty cool light car. It's got almost the exact same stats as the slower heavy cars, but maybe a little less in weight.

I decided to try it out on the All Star cup at 150cc, and finally won! I don't know if it was the new car, all the practice finally paying off, or just luck. Was really close for awhile, but i didn't screw up really badly at any point (didn't get below 5th place at any point) and the two leading computer players both managed to do badly in a few races as well.

In one case the computer got nailed by the same thing that has prevented me from winning in so many other attempts. One of the two leaders was in first place and we were coming around the last curve or two to the finish line, when a blue shell came flying past from someone in the rear pack and nailed him. Since it was so close to the finish line he had no time to recover, and three or four people zipped past him and finished before he could recover.

That's what's so annoying about All Star cup, even if you do well, there's a lot of chances in 16 races for something to fuck you over which isn't even your fault.

But i've won it at 150cc now, so all i need to worry about is Mirror difficulty.

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